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Celebrating 2 years in business

Highlights from November

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Celebrating 2 years in business


In the latest edition of our newsletter, we spotlight a remarkable transformation at the AAF Austin event, where an old German Beer Hall was ingeniously converted into a dazzling AI art exhibition, thanks to the original idea of its Co-President Kat Thay!

The event showcased over 20 AI-inspired artworks, each a testament to the innovative partnership with Hypeless.io founder Bence Csernak. These pieces, masterfully printed by Keith Patricio, resonated deeply with attendees, quickly finding new homes among the captivated audience. This fusion of traditional setting with cutting-edge AI artistry not only enriched the event but also demonstrated the versatile and impactful nature of AI in the realm of creative expression. Image gallery coming soon.

We're proud to have played a part in this unique and memorable experience.


Who said work uniforms and high-viz jackets can't be fashionable? Work uniforms should also look cool and fashionable, yet keeping their main function in focus.

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AI frees up designers to focus on the more strategic and creative aspects of their projects. This shift can lead to higher-quality outcomes and more satisfied clients

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